Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cooking a mystery???

Anyone ever even check this blog anymore??? Well, now that it's getting cooler, I'll be baking and cooking again... oh, and the fact that I'm pregnant will, I'm sure, result in 'extra' cooking!!!! I love comfort foods!

So here's the challenge for anyone checking my food blog, and wants to play!

5 recipes. That's all.... post 5 recipes on your blog, or in the comments here... 5 recipes you love to use for winter dinners!

I thought it'd be fun, and give some others (namely me) some new ideas on what to cook during the cold wintery months....coming soon!

I'll post mine soon!

Thanks... and have fun!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Suprise Pie

I made something that I used several different recipes and put all the best qualities together and came up with THIS~! Uh, no picture, cause it didn't LOOK too amazing, but it did taste that way!

Use my bread recipe from the Chicago stuffed pizza recipe ( 3 C flour, 2 tsp salt, 1Tblspn yeast, 1C hot water, 2-3 Tblspn oil... and various other spices (garlic) that you like)

Brown hamburger/sausage and add your favorite spaghetti sauce. Roll out bread, spread meat mixture leaving a couple inch margin. Roll up bread with meat mixture inside like a jelly roll. (it may be smart to do this IN the pan you intend to use ... this is why I have no picture... the transporting caused some minor difficulties)
Once all nicely rolled up and it's beautiful (unlike mine)... melt some butter in a bowl and mix in some garlic salt (or garlic powder and salt)... and spread over top of bread roll! Bake at 400 for about 20 minutes! Delish!!!!! Simple yet satisfying!

Just thought I'd throw that out there for all of you who like to spice up what you're having, but still want a quick dinner night!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sushi.... or Smooshi

Saturday we had loads of fun, doing a "Family Sushi night"... we made spring/egg rolls and sushi!
the Sushi was easy (for the most part).. it was a kit... Rice, wraps and soy sauce provided. Now what they don't tell you on the package, is the kits are designed to make sushi for elves! The wraps were so small you could hardly call them a roll!

Below, as you can see... these are my very tiny hands... holding an even smaller sushi roll! The above picture was cut in half... which was a feat in itself! As you can see... there wasn't much room to stuff too much in... but they were delicious all the same! We used crab meat, cucumber, carrots, and avocado. Although we did learn that just making a "sushi sandwich" does not hold the same yumminess (this is not a real word) as a roll... you really need to compact those flavors . . . . . this may actually be a real art!
We also made egg rolls... they were pretty easy and very good! We bought spring roll wraps,and then sauteed cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, and bamboo shoots in soy sauce, then stuffed the wraps according to directions and FRIED! Everything is good if it's fried! And... they crisp right back up under the broiler for leftovers~!
So, my suggestions... have a sushi night.. it was loads of fun! The kids even had fun making them, but for Jason and I to eat... they weren't really fond of the sushi, but the egg rolls were a hit! But, if you purchase the kits... buy the Nori wraps separate... then you can actually make a sushi roll... for regular sized people, and not elves!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A visit from a friend

Patty came over... not that you would ever know... because, DUH... I must've had a one track mind... the only thing I took pictures of was the food! But I was hungry! But for those of you who care.... you can visit Patty's food blog at : to find out what else may have happend (besides eating)....

but... we did have a lot of fun... Patty is Vegan, so it was fun to head to the local vegan store and buy the few things I needed to make an acceptable lunch... Now mind you... she was gonna bring her own food, but that, folks, is just rude... to invite someone over for lunch and make them bring their own! Plus... I look for reasons to try something new and unusual (although, I'm learning being vegan isn't all that unusual)....
We had homemade garlic bread (on bread with no eggs or dairy)... slathered with Baba Ganouj (sounds like ganoosh).. it's an eggplant spread! It's really yummy... She made it for me the last time I went her way for lunch... Her's was much better than the Kroger bought version I had, but we both decided... it was still really good!
Then we topped the spread with the sauteed squash.... in vegan butter mind you! I also had a vegan loaf of banana nut bread... and I attempted some Hemp Brownies! Now that's just funny! With Frosting! And to drink... Green tea with a hint of Jasmine! Wow... I am such an adult to pull off a spread like that! I've finally acheived making what would/should qualify as an adult lunch! (Usually it's a batch of chessy noonles (mac and cheese) or chicken nuggets...) It does not take much for me to impress myself with myself! Get it????

And here is a lovely picture of the whole dang thing..... Ahhhh, beautiful! And besides the eating we had wonderful conversation... the kids (Nathaniel, Patty's son Seth, and Simon) played (video games) so we were left to have a wonderful time.... although Simon seemed a little worried when Patty kept asking him to get in her bag so she could take him home.... he's since been taken to ask... at least once a day... "When Patty come over.... we play... me like Patty!"

Thanks for a great time Patty and Seth.... Can't wait till summer when we can do it again!

Creamed Cauliflower

Wasn't my favorite, but it was OK... especially in a pinch when your looking for something besides the old standby of green bean caserole that has to feed alot of people! Pretty simple too.

A head of Cauliflower, blanched. 1 cup heavy cream, 1/2 package buttermilk ranch dry dressing, paprika, bacon chips (real or fake)....Put the cauliflower in the pan... mix the cream and dressing together, pour over cauliflower... sprinkle with paprkia and bacon chips... cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Little Chef... Simon

Simon and I made some snickerdoodles after lunch today! I just love when he'll wear the Chef hat for me when we're cooking! He's so dang cute!

Did this remind anyone of those speeches you had to do in school? The ... first, next and last... reports???? First you get them out of the oven, then you pick one up with the spatula... then you pound it in your face! Yummm.... He's an awesome little kitchen helper! Yes, someday we will be on Iron Chef!

another little Chef.....

My super sweet friend, Patty, made a trek to my house and she brought me this adorable little chef guy... cause we both have our own food blogs now... and because we're really good chefs, and because we're just cool! The cookbook holder came from Grandma Shirley... and I LOVE IT! It's like I have a helper in the kitchen.... I can actually read my recipes (when I use them accurately).... It's so fun.... I love cooking!