Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Getting ready for summer? Well I have a great recipe received from another friend. Apple Berry Salsa. Also coming up... vegetable pizza (not the healthy kind!) Great picnic recipes... and a refreshing change from all the comfort foods of winter!

Potatoe Pancakes

Ahhh, another one of those things that mom used to make! This is what you do when you are sick of mashed potatoes (as if that's possible) and french fries (again, wouldn't believe it) or baked potatoes... but you still want potatoes... what do you do? You make potoatoe pancakes!
6-8 Potatoes (any kind will do)
1 egg
1 TOnion flakes
Garlic powder (again)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Canola Oil
Peel potatoes. Cut into small pieces. In a blender put egg, onion flakes, garlic powder (about a teaspoon, or more if your me) and add the potatoe pieces a few at a time (unless you have some mega powered blender that can do it all at once!) Mix these on low or medium speed (probably pulsing at times). Once you have all of your potatoes chopped all up in the blender into a nice watery mix... it's time to add some flour. I usually end up adding about a 1/2 cup, but I do a little bit at a time... if it still seems to watery add a bit more, but don't go overboard, or they'll just taste like flour pancakes.... if you've added more flour and it still seems too watery... it may be time to peel a couple more potatoes and add them (instead of flour). It should remind you of runny oatmeal, or malto meal! Once you've got this perfected, it's fryin' time! Heat your oil in a skillet, and pour out nice sand dollar size pancakes. Fry until little bubbles are coming to the surface (it's just like cooking breakfast pancakes). Then flip. Add salt and pepper to hot pancakes and your ready to enjoy! They are great by themselves, but sour cream makes everything better! And if you have kids... they love to push the on/off button on the blender! It makes them feel SO helpful! If they really feel helpful, you can even get them to wash the mess you made on the counter! Thank you Simon.

Devilish Eggs

This is just my version of deviled eggs. I'm sure everyone has their own... (they are kind of like meatloaf, it's different everytime you make it!)
Vidalia onion mustard
garlic powder
Hard boil eggs. Peel. Cut in half (after cooled you fools!) Seperate yokes and whites. Smash yokes and add to your taste and consistancy mayonaise, mustard and garlic powder. Stuff into eggs. If desired top off with some paprika for color! Done... It's as simple as that!

Delicious Stuffed Mushrooms

I got this recipe from my very best very vegan friend (you know who you are Patty). I have adapted it slightly (because where I shop I don't buy the vegan type butter and such, and Patty forgives me:). They are oh so good, and great for that vegetarian in your life!


Fresh Mushrooms

bag Frozen Spinach

2-4 Tablespoons butter/margarine

1/4 C Chopped onions

a wee bit of garlic powder

bread crumbs (I use the Italian flavored kind)


Remove stems from mushrooms and dice (stems) very fine. Set aside mushroom tops. Sautee the finely diced mushroom stems and onion in the butter. When onions are transparent, add 1/2 bag of frozen spinach. (These amounts are based on how many mushrooms you make. I usually make the whole box the mushrooms come in. If you did two you would need to use more spinach!) Give that garlic powder a couple of shakes over your concotion. Let that spianch thaw and cook with the sauteed mushrooms and onions for a couple minutes. Now it's time to add the bread crumbs. (If you use unflavored bread crumbs, your likely to want more garlic and some other spices) Add about a 1/4 cup of the bread crumbs at a time. You want this to make a nice "stuffing" consistancy. Once your happy with your stuffing, it's time to stuff it! Fill your mushrooms to the brim with your delicious stuffing. Place the stuffed mushrooms on a pan and bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. This is also a great dish that you can make the night before and bake right before company arrives! You can also add a bit of motzerella cheese to top it off for added flavor (although it doesn't need it).... and the left over stuffing (enjoy it... Yummm)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Coming soon.....

Stuffed Mushrooms, Deviled Eggs (like who doesn't know how to make these????) But it's my book and I can make whatever I want! Cause it IS all about ME, remember!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vegetable Beef Soup

Another easy comfort food. And for anyone who'd rather leave out the beef... it's an easy adjustment to make.


1 Large Sirloin Steak

1 Large bag frozen soup vegetables

1 packet onion soup mix

1 tsp garlic powder

1 T parsley

1 packet of Sazon (this can be found in your Spanish isle of your grocery store)

1 T Savory (seasoning)

2 T Conola Oil

2 beef bulion cubes

5 - 6 Cups water
1 Can stewed tomatoes (or a 1/2 jar of Patty's yummy canned tomatoes:)


Brown steak in your soup pot in the conola oil. Add the rest of the ingredients. Simmer. You can serve this in as little as 1 hour, or you can keep simmering it for up to 3. Serve with h0memade bread, crackers and a salad! YummYumm.

If you'd like to leave out the beef, you can use vegetable stock that you have on hand, or chicken or vegetable broth from a can. You can also add other favorite spices or leave out some your not so fond of.... play around with it until you find a flavor that makes the soup your own.

This recipe makes about 10-12 servings, ah you gotta love leftovers!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Cabbage and Noodles

Ahhh, of course the first post should be my FAVORITE!

Certainly and Old Stand-by! This one has been in my family (on mom's side) for generations!

It's the easiest thing in the world... I'm pretty sure it's impossible to mess this up.


1 Beautiful head of green cabbage

1 bag of wide noodles or dumplings

2 T. Canola Oil/ or Butter

1 tsp of Garlic Powder

salt and pepper to taste

Keilbasa (optional)


Cut cabbage into bite size pieces. Sautee the bite size cabbage in your oil/ butter until crisp tender. Cook noodles according to package directions. Drain noodles. Blend noodles and cabbage together. The best thing about this dish... you can experiment! Add some keilbasa or sausage. Add other favorite spices to kick it up a bit. But be it the original or your own version...the best words to describe it? Yummm!!

Yummy Creations and Old Stand-bys!

This is going to be my fun new recipe site.... When I have time I'd like to post pics and recipes of stuff I like, stuff I made up, and stuff I'm still cooking just the way mom did!

Enjoy.... If you love food (and cooking) as much as I do, this should be fun!