Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Potatoe Pancakes

Ahhh, another one of those things that mom used to make! This is what you do when you are sick of mashed potatoes (as if that's possible) and french fries (again, wouldn't believe it) or baked potatoes... but you still want potatoes... what do you do? You make potoatoe pancakes!
6-8 Potatoes (any kind will do)
1 egg
1 TOnion flakes
Garlic powder (again)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Canola Oil
Peel potatoes. Cut into small pieces. In a blender put egg, onion flakes, garlic powder (about a teaspoon, or more if your me) and add the potatoe pieces a few at a time (unless you have some mega powered blender that can do it all at once!) Mix these on low or medium speed (probably pulsing at times). Once you have all of your potatoes chopped all up in the blender into a nice watery mix... it's time to add some flour. I usually end up adding about a 1/2 cup, but I do a little bit at a time... if it still seems to watery add a bit more, but don't go overboard, or they'll just taste like flour pancakes.... if you've added more flour and it still seems too watery... it may be time to peel a couple more potatoes and add them (instead of flour). It should remind you of runny oatmeal, or malto meal! Once you've got this perfected, it's fryin' time! Heat your oil in a skillet, and pour out nice sand dollar size pancakes. Fry until little bubbles are coming to the surface (it's just like cooking breakfast pancakes). Then flip. Add salt and pepper to hot pancakes and your ready to enjoy! They are great by themselves, but sour cream makes everything better! And if you have kids... they love to push the on/off button on the blender! It makes them feel SO helpful! If they really feel helpful, you can even get them to wash the mess you made on the counter! Thank you Simon.

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