Monday, April 14, 2008

Sushi.... or Smooshi

Saturday we had loads of fun, doing a "Family Sushi night"... we made spring/egg rolls and sushi!
the Sushi was easy (for the most part).. it was a kit... Rice, wraps and soy sauce provided. Now what they don't tell you on the package, is the kits are designed to make sushi for elves! The wraps were so small you could hardly call them a roll!

Below, as you can see... these are my very tiny hands... holding an even smaller sushi roll! The above picture was cut in half... which was a feat in itself! As you can see... there wasn't much room to stuff too much in... but they were delicious all the same! We used crab meat, cucumber, carrots, and avocado. Although we did learn that just making a "sushi sandwich" does not hold the same yumminess (this is not a real word) as a roll... you really need to compact those flavors . . . . . this may actually be a real art!
We also made egg rolls... they were pretty easy and very good! We bought spring roll wraps,and then sauteed cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, and bamboo shoots in soy sauce, then stuffed the wraps according to directions and FRIED! Everything is good if it's fried! And... they crisp right back up under the broiler for leftovers~!
So, my suggestions... have a sushi night.. it was loads of fun! The kids even had fun making them, but for Jason and I to eat... they weren't really fond of the sushi, but the egg rolls were a hit! But, if you purchase the kits... buy the Nori wraps separate... then you can actually make a sushi roll... for regular sized people, and not elves!

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